Friday, November 19, 2010

Lotus petals and goddess Lakshmi - Times of India, Nov 20th 2010

Divine depictions in bronze draw your attention. Tarang’s artisans have created a remarkable bronze sculpture inspired by the lotus. The sculpture features the eight avatars of goddess Lakshmi in each of th
e lotus petals. Installed above the lotus is the statue of Mahalakshmi adorned with the digaja — celestial elephants on either side. The lotus petals can be rotated, allowing you to change the direction the avatar faces, depending on the festive occasion or puja.

“It’s the most imaginative and creative depiction of the ancient lore of Mahalakshmi till date. Full marks to Tarang for encouraging uniqueness and fine workmanship in our traditional arts,” says JayashreeSathyanarayana, an avid bronze collector. Among the new additions, there are two new depictions of the Dashavatar. One features the ten idols within a rotating chakra and the other places them within the petals of the lotus flower. Tarang’s range includes Tanjore paintings, silver jewellery, kalamkari handbags, marble paintings, miniature paintings and handcrafted gifts to suit your budget.

Tarang is now open in two locations: 3rd Floor, Devatha Plaza, Residency Road and 11th Main Road, opp 33rd A cross, Jayanagar 4th Block .

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